The HoZer Guarantee

The HoZer® was developed to significantly improve CPAP for every CPAP user.

Our commitment to quality, comfort, and pricing has allowed the HoZer® to become a standard part of a “complete” CPAP system for new and existing CPAP users.

We are confident in our goal to add comfort, eliminate all hose-related sleep interruptions and struggles and allow CPAP users the greatest likelihood for success.

If any CPAP user fails to successfully adjust to nightly CPAP use and returns the HoZer® within 90 days from the date of purchase, HoZer, Inc. will refund distributor 100% of the distributor’s purchase price.

Our studies have shown that continual and precise “delivery” of the CPAP hose from above the user significantly improves comfort, mask performance and overall CPAP compliance.