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CPAP without the hose!

Written by HoZer Inc on . Posted in News

The HoZer® gently delivers just the tip of the CPAP hose to your mask while the rest floats lightly and securely overhead adjustng to your every movement as you sleep. You’ll forget the CPAP hose is there!

The HoZer® does not simply hang the CPAP hose leaving portions dangling in the way or fastened tghtly so movement can pull on your mask. The HoZer® allows you to move freely while you sleep by continually adjusting to always provide just the amount of hose you need.

CPAP with a floating CPAP hose!

Written by HoZer Inc on . Posted in News

The HoZer® takes the CPAP hose completely and permanently out of your way and gently floats it overhead to “deliver” the perfect amount of hose to your mask at all times. Now every CPAP user can sleep more comfortably as if there was no CPAP hose. The HoZer® eliminates 100% of HOSE-RELATED MASK MALFUNCTIONS and SLEEP INTERRUPTIONS and helps you sleep better and longer with CPAP. You will never want to use CPAP again without the HoZer®… guaranteed!

1. What does the Hozer do that other devices don't?

The HoZer provides constant, precise CPAP hose "delivery" Other devices may remove the hose from the bed but limit movements that result in continued sleep interruptions. Others may NOT keep the hose out of the bed. The HoZer will not tether you to any position in the bed! Instead it allows complete movement while sleeping and ELIMINATES hose related sleep interruptions! You'll forget the hose is even there.