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Thank you for your interest and consideration in taking the 1st step in providing your patients, clients, and existing customers with the finest CPAP hose delivery system in the world.

CPAP users expect only 1 thing


Your professional operation supports the CPAP community in many ways, testing, time, equipment recommendations, mask fittings, and follow up. All of which support your client adjustment to CPAP use. Comfort is essential for any new CPAP user. Comfort and sleep also increase compliance.

Why then do so many new CPAP users quit? The response to this question is certainly not your efforts or your care.

...The Hose...

We asked new and existing CPAP users one question.

"So how do you like sleeping with that hose in your bed?"

The response is overwhelming.

..."I Can't Stand it"...

Nightly hose related sleep interruptions is no longer a "Put up with it" situation. New CPAP users first few weeks are critical to their comfort an successful compliance. Let's not forget existing CPAP users who have "Stuck it out". They now have a accessory that will allow for greater comfort.

Existing HoZer® distributors have been sharing with us, how pleased they're with the HoZer's performance. Distributors are telling us that the product has significantly reduced mask exchanges, customer complaints, and dramatically increased compliance.

If compliance is increasing then your CPAP customer is not only heading towards a healthier life, but is the answer to that "dreaded hose".

HoZer® Inc. invites you to take the 2nd step, download our Distributor Starter Pack. Which includes all information about the HoZer®. Start preparing to distribute the HoZer® with every new CPAP system you sell. If you need additional information or help, please use the contact form below.


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