On behalf of our company, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send us their personal comments on using the HoZer. Here are some of the 100's we have received.

Ron Scott - President

HoZer Inc Testimonals

"It is as indispensable as the hose itself. Unquestionably is my best purchase."

- Daniel D, TX

Essential Equipment

HoZer Inc Testimonals

"Just terrific! I only lasted two weeks struggling with a hose laying across my chest. I bought this, set it up in minutes (didn't use the middle section, I have a high bed) and wow what a different. I love it, no wrapping up in the hose, having it hang down over the bed, struggling with it under the covers and the nose pillow doesn't dislodge, I can sleep on my side much better! Great value to me for the money."

Nancy A, ME


HoZer Inc Testimonals

"This is the best thing that I have purchased since I found out that I had severe sleep apnea. What a difference it made to sleep more comfortable. I have a 6ft hose, so I removed the middle section of the rod and it works beautifully. I was hesitant due to it's price, but after going through so many sleepless nights of readjusting my hose all through the night, that I figured it was worth the risk. The only thing is I wish they offered a little larger clip so I can put it over my snuggle hose cover which I also ordered. I just can't clip it all the way closed. GREAT INVENTION!!!"

- Gail D, NY

Best product ever!!!

HoZer Inc Testimonals

"The hozer is awesome. It packs up easily in your bag and is great at keeping the hose out of the way. Highly recommend."

- Dean M, MN

Never be without it.

HoZer Inc Testimonals

"This was a tremendously worthwhile purchase! I toss and turn a lot, so wrestling with my Hose each night was aggravating. The Hozer set up quite easily, and within minutes I was checking out where to best position so the flexible rods would suspend hose and mask at just the right spot. From that first night I noticed how much easier it was as I turned from back to side, etc while falling asleep. I may have even slept longer between wakeups. I like that it breaks down to fit inside a small travel bag but I haven't travelled with it yet. Definitely get this one over the less expensive ones if you can afford it.

- John B, CA

Makes a big difference!

HoZer Inc Testimonals

"A little stiff at first, but hanging a weight from it for a few days puts a curve into the rod for perfect hanging overhead. Also, could work better with hose snuggies."

- Antonio D, CA


HoZer Inc Testimonals

"OK, if you have gotten this far and haven't ordered it yet, what are you waiting for? I don't toss and turn at night and had no idea that the hose was causing subtle disturbances. I didn't know I needed it, but I absolutely love the Hozer. I didn't think I needed to take it with me on an overnight trip, but I did and was so glad to have it. Who would have ever thought a person could get so excited about having a "fishing pole" hanging overhead? Very well made and engineered"

- Joyce N, CO


HoZer Inc Testimonals

"Easily fits in an overnight/carry-on bag. Is easy to assembly & works great."

- Susan H, IA

Perfect for travel!

HoZer Inc Testimonals

"This is a great device. It has made difference in my sleeping. I have been struggling with CPAP therapy for a year and this has been the best accessory I have bought so far. I was hesitant in buying it but I am glad I did. Well made and swivels great. I have never used the other kinds so I can not compare. This really does take the hose out of the sleeping equation."

- Ross B, CT

Better Sleeping thanks to the HoZer

HoZer Inc Testimonals

"This equipment keeps the hose organized and out of the way. The machine is also quieter using this equipment. Wish I would have bought this years ago. Easy to assemble and use."

- Vincent

Wish I had this six years ago.