The HoZer


The HoZer® is the newest product on the market that supports the CPAP system. This innovative product has one purpose, helping you obtain maximum CPAP comfort and therefore the sleep you want, need and expect. Isn't that why you were prescribed CPAP after your testing and Sleep Apnea diagnosis?

The HoZer® was developed by the HoZer® Inc. President, Mr. Ron Scott, a long time apnea sufferer. Ron's vision was to somehow find a way to stop waking in the middle of the night to adjust his mask, untangle his CPAP hose, and wake his spouse.

The HoZer’s unique design suspends the CPAP hose above you, gently delivering the hose to your mask and automatically adjusts to your nighttime movements. With the hose freely “floating” above you contact with your bed linen, comforter, pillows, you or your spouse is eliminated.

...NO MORE...

  • nightly mask adjustments
  • getting tangled up with the hose
  • blaming that piece of equipment for a poor nights sleep
  • excuses, frustration, or even quitting using CPAP
  • sleeping on the couch or the 2nd bedroom

If you experience any of the above problems, then the HoZer® is for you. Make those dreams of a good night's sleep a reality.

Contact your local supplier and ask for it by name...

"The HoZer®"